A Lush Halloween

Seeing as I will be traveling on Halloween this year, the most festive I will be is when using these Lush Halloween goodies. As we all know now, my Lush addiction is real and growing each time I visit the mall. There was no question in whether or not I would be buying some of the products, so I went in, sniffed and touched a few products and came home with these three lovely gems.




The first and obvious choice is the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. It smells just as fantastic as it looks and the even better part is that it will last several baths instead of just one. Score! I’m very excited to hop in the bath with this golden treasure and I’ll be letting you know how amazing it probably will be.


The second pick was the Lord of Misrule bath bomb. It’s big, green and just screams Halloween to me. I used this a couple days before my trip and was thoroughly impressed. It makes the bath green at first, but then the middle section of the bomb opens to form a mouth-like gap and red stuff spews out. The bomb ends up looking like and evil little monster shooting out flames in your bath, pretty cool. The scent is slightly spicy and sweet, making it very fallesque and definitely a Halloween must.


The final thing I chose was the Lord of Misrule shower cream. It has the same scent as the bath bomb, made obvious by the same name. I got the smallest travel size so I could easily bring it along on my vacation. The kid in me loves using this because it is a vibrant green colour and momentarily makes me appear like a giant green monster. I also adore the scent.


There you have it y’all, my Lush Halloween picks. As you will be reading this I will either be bored out of my mind in an airport or soaring through the skies on my way back to Canada. I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween and I’ll talk to you all in my next post on Monday!



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