Most Loved Lush Products

If it hasn’t been clear by most of my recent posts, I have a very large, very real obsession with Lush. Let me tell you, I do not feel guilty one little bit.



I love Lush as a brand and loving their products is not a difficult task. They use mostly natural ingredients, products are hand-made and fresh, and they do not test on animals, nor do they purchase ingredients from companies that test on animals.

Let The Good Times Roll Face Cleanser

I’m certain I have mentioned this baby before. Such a great staple during the cold months as it instantly refreshes and hydrates my skin. Plus, it smells like cake batter, so what better way to end the day than with a moisture-filled, sweet-smelling face wash.

Cup O’ Coffee Face Scrub

One of their newest products and oft-featured on my blog since I first purchased it. A coffee scrub is excellent for helping circulation and to invigorate and brighten the skin. I can see a difference right away after using this stuff.

Sympathy For The Skin 

The banana body lotion to end all banana body lotions. I stop myself from using it because I don’t want to run out, which isn’t the best way of going about it. It’s more liquidy than other body creams and lotions I use, but it sinks in well and more rapidly than anything. I don’t have to spend a ton of time rubbing it in.

Fresh Face Masks

Another Lush staple is their Fresh Face Mask. They have many kinds and I’ve tried a fair amount of them. My ultimate fave would have to be Cupcake, but I do not currently have it on hand. A yummy chocolate-smelling mask that purifies problem skin. The one I still have is Don’t Look At Me, which is a brightening mask with kaolin and lemon juice.

Curly Wurly Shampoo

I cannot emphasize enough how delicious all the Lush products smell and this particular one is no exception. A mix of coconut, avocado oil, shea butter and lemon juice. It lathers up nicely and and leaves my hair nice and hydrated, and smelling like a tropical vacation.

No Drought 

I’ve been using dry shampoo for several years now and I find that an aerosol can runs out very quickly. I picked up the Lush one to see how I liked it, and surprise surprise, I love it! It smells of citrus and blends into the hair without much fuss.

Bath Bombs

I think that Lush is mostly known for its bath products. Walking by a Lush store, you’ll be bombarded with scents and visions of mountains of colourful bath bombs. I absolutely adore using a Lush bath bomb when I take a bath. Each one is different and creates a special design in the tub.

One of the ones I have at home is part of their holiday collection and is called Cinders. A mix of almond, orange and cinnamon for the perfect sweet and spicy holiday bath.


Those are my current loves from Lush, but there are many other products that I’ve loved in the past and I’m sure I will be discovering new gems from that store in the future.

Let me know which Lush products you cannot rave enough about.




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  1. November 18, 2015 / 5:21 am

    Defiantly going to try some of these, I’m defiantly obsessed with lush!! Danielle |