Weekly Update: Bad Days, Shopping, Girls Night Out

I’ve had one of those weeks that puts you through all the emotions possible, more than once. There were many more lows than highs this week, especially at work. I am now sitting on the couch, on Friday evening, writing this post and extremely exhausted.

This is also a way of explaining my lack of post on Wednesday. Just such a hectic, busy, stressful week that I couldn’t bring myself to post something hastily.


I’m also thinking, depending on the response from this post, that this kind of post could become a frequent occurrence on my blog.

Here’s a little glimpse at my week, and future posts will include up to date pictures 🙂

Monday and Tuesday were probably the worst two days I had at work since the beginning of that job, which clearly is not a good way to start a week. My mood was decidedly crushed after that.

Thankfully, Wednesday I had a night out planned with my best girl friends. We went out to an Indian restaurant, had some laughs and finished off the night with desserts and lattes. I wonderful way to get my mood back up.

Thursday was a better day at work, but I was still a little morose and excited for the weekend (even though my weekend involves me working 10-hour shifts), I was mostly excited for the week to be over.

Today, Friday, was a long day and I am now very tired. I received my package from theBay containing my new winter jacket I purchased online two days earlier (Wednesday night). It fits well and will hopefully help me endure the cold winter.


As you can tell, my week was not very exciting, but sometimes such is life. Perhaps these types of posts will pop up from time to time when I feel like sharing a few tidbits from my life.

I hope you all had a better week than I did and until next week with more cheery posts.



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