Sunday Night Update

Another week of training has ended and another one is starting tomorrow already. I thought since I hadn’t posted much this week I would write a quick update post in between regular beauty ones.


I am almost halfway done my training and that means that in one month I’ll be moving to a new city! I couldn’t be more excited about this. But it is also stressful to think about having a new life in four weeks.

In the middle of January I started going to Hot Yoga classes and then I got a membership to the fitness centre where the classes are given. I am in love with doing hot yoga now and I have been going twice a week. My body, I’ve discovered, is not as flexible as I thought or would like. I am hoping yoga will help me limber up. Yoga is a great workout for the entire body without straining it. You work many muscles, you stretch, breathe, sweat and all without pulling muscles and being incredibly sore the following day.

Since Hot Yoga means sweating an insane amount, I go through my workout clothes very quickly. I’ll be needing to buy some new gym gear soon so stay tuned for some fitness outfit posts in the coming week or so.

My skin has been quite good to me for some time now and I have been meaning to update you all about that. In December I started drinking this detox drink every morning and it made my skin improve after about a month. I’ll post the recipe soon and share my experience with the special concoction.

Some more makeup and beauty product reviews are coming up as well, including the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette, which is amazing.

Also, I fully enjoyed watching the halftime show of Super Bowl 50 tonight. Coldplay is one of my, if not my, favourite band.

I believe that’s a fair amount of information for the moment. Thank you if you’ve made it this far in the post.

I wish you all a good day, night, morning, whenever you are reading this.


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  1. February 8, 2016 / 5:29 pm

    I’m not so much of a hot yoga lover, but you should come to my studio when you’re in Toronto! Also, if you want to get a really deep relaxing stretch, you might want to try yin (or hot yin) if you haven’t already. It’s not a cardio workout at all but it feels soooo good!

    • February 9, 2016 / 9:54 pm

      awesome!! I’ll check it out when I move 🙂