The Menstrual Cup and Period Talk

Let’s have an open conversation about our menstrual cycles. As women, we are taught to somehow be ashamed of having a monthly period. We never show people we are carrying pads or tampons, we whisper the words when others ask why you are feeling unwell, we find it gross when going into detail about the specifics of menstruation, and much more.


It’s a taboo subject and there are places in this world where girls and women are shunned once a month just because they are biologically built differently than men. This is wrong! Things need to change. It’s not right to have to hide this part of life. It’s not right for people to say it’s ‘gross’ or ‘disgusting’ when you talk about the products or items used during ‘that time of the month’.

I was inspired to write this post by two Youtubers who I’ve followed for quite some time now. They are both strong influential women who make excellent role models for younger women. They recently have made videos talking about periods. I’m a woman in my mid twenties, and I’ve had my period for over a decade now, but these videos were still immensely interesting to me. There is so little talk about this subject that whenever people do start a conversation it seems new and informative.

I encourage you, readers of this post, to comment, to share, down below some stories, advice, a hello. It’s time we break the silence and become as open about talking about tampons as talking about food. 

The Menstrual Cup

I first heard about the menstrual cup in high school, that was back in 2008. One of my classmates told me to Google ‘diva cup’ and when I did I was quite shocked. I definitely had those ‘gross’ thoughts after seeing exactly what it does. However, fast forward a few years and a higher level of maturity, I am now a proud user of the Diva Cup during my menstrual cycle each month.

I’d known about its existence for several years, but since no one ever talks about periods and what they use and how they use it, I was never enticed or too curious to use a menstrual cup.  It was after watching Jen’s video about the menstrual cup that I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love it! I couldn’t be more happy about taking the plunge with the cup. It’s a lot more environmentally friendly and affordable. The cup itself costs around $40, but it will last several years. Constantly buying and disposing of sanitary pads and tampons is expensive and terrible for the earth.

It is definitely a big step to take and may seem quite bizarre to many women, but I suggest reading up on the menstrual cup, watching some Youtubers talk about it and become more informed about it before completely ruling it out.

Watch Jen’s video here !

Watch Ingrid’s video here !

A channel dedicated to periods! Check it out here !

I’m quite happy about this post, I invite you all to start being more open about something that happens to all us women.

Let’s share down below and I hope you all have a more comfortable period !


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