Essie Gel Couture: The Polish To End All Polishes


The new Essie nail polishes are AMAZING!

I cannot  stress this point enough. My nails are not the greatest, actually, they are quite crap. They break, chip, split, etc… I have to take supplements and apply nail strengthening treatments in order to keep my nails alive.

Nail polish tends to last a day, maybe two at the very most. This stuff lasted, drum roll please…………………………… SEVEN DAYS!

For me and my weak nails, that an epic win. For a drugstore polish that i’ve applied at home myself, the lasting power is superb!

When I picked this up a couple weeks ago, I only chose one colour Stitch By Stitch, because I wanted to see whether I liked it or not. Let me tell you, I will be purchasing all the colours in this range and most likely never wearing any other polish ever again. This stuff is THAT good!

Opaque after two coats, apply the top coat and get gel shine instantly!

You all need to run to you nearest drugstore, pharmacy, high street, etc and get your hands on these gems!

A nail polish that I will be keeping under lock and key, it’s something else.

Let me know if you’ve tried these new Essie polishes and what you think of them.


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  1. July 12, 2016 / 1:19 pm

    Haven’t tried these quite yet but after hearing your thoughts, I have got to get my hands on one of these polishes!

    • July 12, 2016 / 11:12 pm

      Yes !! you definitely need to check these out 😀