Elle Canada VIP Event and Meeting Estée Lalonde!

Last week I had the pleasure of going to an Elle Canada event featuring one of my all time favourite bloggers and fellow Canadians, Estée Lalonde.


I had a lot of fun having some wine, appetizers and hearing Estée speak about her book. There were also stands set up for manicures, hand massages and makeovers. A girly evening topped with a signed copy of Estée’s book and a goodie bag.

Living in Toronto has finally paid off ! Attending a blogger event, well an event featuring one prominent blogger, was something of a dream come true. I’ve been watching Youtube and reading blogs for over four years now and after that amount of time one become somewhat attached to the people they enjoying listening to online.

Estée Lalonde, formally known as essiebutton, was one of the first people I started watching and I have followed her life online through many filming set ups, vacations, apartments, events and more. Now even though that makes me sound like somewhat of a weird stalker, it is actually quite normal.  I promise you these Youtubers have millions of viewers who have had the same experience as I have.

When she announced she would be at this Elle Canada event in downtown Toronto I jumped at the opportunity to meet her in person.

The night in question arrived, I had a brand spanking new outfit and I was excited for a fun-filled evening and a Youtuber meet-up. There were many women at this event, all as eager as I was to meet Estée. When she came out, she was greeted with cheers and applause similar to that of a rockstar’s entrance.


Estée was introduced by Elle Canada representatives and she took the stage. She is such a naturally vibrant person, you can tell her Youtube fame has not gone to her head whatsoever. She spoke easily, just as if she was speaking to a room full of her closest friends. She opened up in her book about the struggles she’s had, from depression and anxiety to moving across the pond to a foreign country for a man. You could see her honesty, her genuineness and her pride at the wonderful book she wrote and brought to fruition.

After a brief Q&A session, she stayed for a couple hours signing all the books for the people in attendance. She kept her smile the entire time and she was lovely to speak to for the few seconds I had with her.


It was a ton of fun and I am so happy I got to meet such a lovely person and I am so excited to start reading her book and get deeper insight on her life. The goodie bag had some lovely products which I am excited to test out and write back here about. The skirt I wore is from Zara and is most likely still available for those of you interested in getting your own sparkly princess skirt.


I hope you have all had a wonderful week !


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