Colourpop Haul!

Ah Colourpop. Easily one of the favourite makeup brands I’ve discovered this year. They are cruelty free, based out of LA and so so so affordable. Evidently they are an amazing brand that everyone needs to try out.



(left to right: calypso, lumière 2, viper, wolfie)


Their lippies are probably their most popular products and for good reason. They have every colour imaginable including bright blues, lilacs and blacks. I prefer to stick to more wearable, everyday shades and I have never been disappointed. They last an incredibly long time and apply so nicely. The matte shades don’t dry out my lips.

Ultra Glossy Lip : Wolfie

Ultra Matte Lip: Viper, Lumière 2

Ultra Satin Lip: Calypso


(left to right: paisley, amaze, muse, brady, might be and honey blonde)


I absolutely love their eyeshadows for their texture and pigmentation. I own many of the neutral colours and I love every single shade. I do wish I could depot them and put them all in one palette, but the individual pots are worth the hassle for the great colour payoff.

Super shock shadow: Brady, Muse, Amaze, Paisley


After using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade for a while, I wanted to try this out and compare the two. This brow colour is very pigmented and lasts quite well too. It definitely rivals the ABH product and is much cheaper.

Brow colour : Honey blonde


Their cheek products are just as lovely and pigmented as their eyeshadows. I bought this intending it to be a highlighter. However, it is way too dark on my skin to work as a highlight shade. It can work as a bronzer overlay or an eyeshadow. Either way it’s a gorgeous colour that I will get much use out of.

Super shock cheek : Might Be


When Colourpop brings out new shades I simply cannot resist, especially when international shipping rates are discounted for a limited time.

If you haven’t checked out this brand yet, please do so!

Have an amazing weekend everyone.


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