German Christmas Markets (Blogmas Day 1)

Being able to travel a lot for work is really amazing, especially when you get to experience such things as Christmas Markets in Germany.


When I used to live in France a few years ago, I just LOVED going to all the Christmas markets in every town or city I visited and seeing all the traditional crafts and food from the region I was in. These markets, also known as the ‘Christkindlmarkt’, actually originated in Germany, Austria and the Northern French regions of Alsace, Lorraine and Savoy.

Christmas markets usually open at the end of November and go until Christmas Eve. They are festive and are a perfect place to bring the family, spend time with friends, or have a romantic date night.

I got to visit the one in Mainz, Germany this year and here are my recommendations for this and any other Christkindlmarkt you happen to come across this holiday season.


What To See and Do At The Christmas Market


-Drink Glühwein

This traditional hot spiced wine is so satisfying on a cold December night while walking through a busy market. Plus, you get to keep the pretty mug.

-See the Nativity Scene

No matter if you are religious or not, the Nativity Scene is usually at the centre of the market and will be quite nice to see.



-Eat some Bratwurst, Lebkuchen and try some Eierpunsch 

I did not eat any sausages (Bratwurst), because I do not eat meat, but if you are in Germany and enjoy eating meat, might as well indulge at the Christmas market. Lebkuchen are sweet gingerbread-type treats. Eierpunsch is an egg-based hot drink with alcohol and topped with whipped cream. It sounds like eggnog, but it does not taste the same. I was glad to have something hot to hold, but I did not finish this very eggy and too-strong beverage.

img_1351 img_1354

-Get some or all of your Christmas shopping done

I fully took advantage of the market to do some shopping for friends and family. There are so many things to buy from handmade crafts, tree ornaments, jewelry, and more. There is something for everyone on your list and is much more unique than buying something at any common retailer.


-Walk around and enjoy the merriment

Even if you do not want to eat, drink or purchase anything, simply walking around the market is magical enough. There are lights everywhere, people are cheery all around, the air smells of baked goods, it’s just a wonderful time.


I hope you enjoyed this first instalment of Blogmas. I will see you all in two days with another post.


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  1. Maryse Lesperance
    December 3, 2016 / 10:47 pm

    Oh pretty! J’aime les boules de Noël!