Lush Holiday Haul (Blogmas Day 11)

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Lush and pretty much all their products. When the holidays come along and all the limited edition items come out I get all excited and I have to stop myself from buying out the entire store.

I picked up some of my all time faves and some new items from this year.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

This is hands down my favourite bath bomb that Lush makes. It’s so special because it explodes in all kinds of colours in the bath and the scent is just so sweet and yummy. The perfect winter/christmas bath.

Snow Angel Bath Melt

Bath melts are great because they can be used more than once. They are really hydrating as well, which is ideal in the winter. It has a rich sweet scent, the ultimate indulgence.

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

Glitter, stars and a delicious honey scent, what more can you want?

Never Mind the Ballistics

This is one of their new products this season. It smells sweet and citrusy and my bath will most likely be pink, which is always a good thing.

Snow Fairies Shower Gel

My favourite Lush scent. It’s bubblegum sweet, which may not be for everyone, but I LOVE it!

Snow Fairies Body Conditioner

Another new product from this year, this body conditioner smells like the shower gel and leaves my skin so soft and moisturized after showering. It makes my lazy side very happy because I don’t have to use body lotion afterwards.


Have a wonderful Christmas Eve everyone!




If any of you are interested in any of these items, stay tuned for the Lush Boxing Day sales on the 26th…

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