Active Wear Wish List

Trying to think about what I should blog about today was a bit difficult, mostly because I just came in off a ten hour flight early this morning. My brain is a bit fuzzy, so I decided to keep it simple and create a fashion wish list, with a twist.

However, since I would like to be more active and stay in shape, as everyone does this time of year, I have opted to created a collage of a bunch of different workout pieces that I’d love to add to my gym bag.

Ellie Fit Performance Running Leggings (Boohoo)

If I’m going to workout I tend to like wearing bright fun colours. These leggings are definitely bright and fun.

Lolë SUDDHI Top (Lolë)

For pilates, yoga, or even casual days, I love the look of open backs. They are so pretty and a little revealing without being too much.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 iD (Nike)

When it comes to colourful attire, these shoes really just take the cake.   They are pricy, however I feel as though I would love these for a very long time. They are also customizable, which I think is pretty cool.

H&M Sweatshirt ‘Run Like No One Is Watching’ (H&M)

This just reminds me of that episode from Friends when Rachel is embarrassed to run with Phoebe because she runs very erratically. I love that show, so this shirt just makes me smile.

H&M Sport Tights (H&M)

These may be the prettiest pair of leggings I have ever seen. I love floral patterns and this is such a beautiful lively one.


Now I really want to purchase all these items and go do some yoga! For now these images will have to do and so will my yoga mat and living room.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone!



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