Saje Essential Oils

While trying to live a healthier and more active life I’ve been discovering a slew of new products. One of these new things is an oil diffuser. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice smelling candle, but essential oils have so many more benefits.

 Essential oils are a great way to heal and help soothe and relax the body naturally. They help the body heal itself without the use of western medicine.


There are so many Saje products available and so many that I would still like to try. These are just a few that I have purchased and have been absolutely addicted to over the past few months.

Goddess Euphoric Mist

A blend of  jasmine, ylang ylang and rose make for a lovely and uplifting facial mist. It’s also hydrating on the skin.

Moon Cycle PMS Relief Remedy

This little bottle of oil has geranium, rosewood and lavender to help deal with that time of the month.

Rolling Pharmacy 

A trio of amazing oils to help heal headaches, colds and indigestion.

Pepermint Halo is the best headache cure ever! Seriously better than Advil, plus it smells divine.

Immune smells the best out of all the Saje oils I own. It is so nice to apply to the neck and inhale when I feel a cold coming along, or whenever I feel like it.

Eater’s Digest is a digestive help remedy that has a faint licorice sent, which is not my favourite but isn’t entirely unpleasant either.

Road to Recovery 

Another trio of remedies, these ones are meant to

Arnica Rescue, Peppermint Halo and Pain Release are meant to help soothe muscle and joint pain. I have not had much of this type of pain so I cannot vouch for these yet.


This isn’t an oil, but it is from Saje and it does help me relax. This ring is supposed to be used on each finger to trigger a different sensation and promote different types of healing.


I absolutely am in love with Saje. I love the idea of natural healing and using products that are overall good for the body and the soul. Plus, not ingesting chemicals is always a good idea.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any Saje products and which ones I should try next.


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