Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

It’s been a few months since I actually went on Amazon and purchased this book. Recently I had been feeling quite down and I needed a a pick-me-up of colossal standards. I started reading this, then went on vacation and finished on the beach, basking in the sunshine with my toes in the sand.

I cannot fully express the impact this book has had on me. There are so many amazing life tips, tricks and good pieces of advice that I can take and apply to my everyday living. After reading Mastering Your Mean Girl I have returned from my vacation extremely motivated, positive and best of all happy!

Melissa Ambrosini made some drastic changes to her life and is reaping the immense benefits from them. She chose to be more positive, let the little things go, make decisions out of love, take care of her body and listen to her true values and beliefs.

She starts off the book by saying that this isn’t just another self-help book with big claims and nothing to back it up. She walks the walk for all the talk in the book. The obstacles she had to overcome in her life are what made her who she is today and she is sharing her journey with women, trying to make as many people as happy and healthy as she is.

I have taken so many good tips from this book. I am a happier more positive person now and I am trying to live that way all the time. It’s a little difficult at times to let things go, I must admit, but when I do, I instantly feel better, lighter and happier.

The things I have learned and will keep on applying to my daily life from this book are innumerable. I am so thankful I discovered this gem and I cannot possibly recommend it enough. To all my friends, family and all my readers, please give this book a chance, read a chapter, buy it for someone, we must spread the love around!

To all the chicas reading this post, please give this book a chance, you will not regret it.

Have an amazing day everyone.


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