A Weekend in Vancouver

This weekend I visited a Canadian city I had been wanting to see for a very long time now. I took matters into my own hands and planned a little getaway. I lucked out and landed on one of the only beautifully sunny days Vancouver has had in months. We stayed outside and enjoyed the glorious weather all afternoon, until we couldn’t feel our legs anymore from walking so much.

Vancouver, located on Canada’s west coast, is a Canadian jewel. With both access to the ocean and the mountains, its location couldn’t be more ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Day 1

The first day was spent walking around the harbour and Stanley Park. On such a beautiful day, there really wasn’t any other option. It’s great to have a city with an urban and a nature feel all in one.

Stanley Park is huge and simply walking around for an hour won’t allow to explore even a quarter of it. The best way to see the park would be by bike.

For supper I opted for one of my favorite restaurant chains; Cactus Club Cafe. The drinks are good and the food even better.

Day 2

The second day was met with decidedly less sunshine but no rain. It was a good time to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Vancouver transit is very convenient and accessible and there are shuttles to attractions, such as Capilano leaving often from downtown free of charge, what other city offers that kind of convenience ?

The driver was very informative, giving us a history of Vancouver and some current socio-economical facts.

Once at the bridge, we got the shock of discovering that it costs $40 to gain entry to the bridge, a little more than I expected to dish out.  Luckily, showing my work ID gave me free entrance and my cousin, who was my travel companion, got a discount with her CAA membership.

The bridge itself is an attraction but there is a whole path system to follow on either side of the bridge, which makes it more fun. The trees are insanely tall and offer some cover from the rain, which did start while we were there.

Along the paths there are placards providing facts about the rainforest and its fauna. There is even a section where bird experts provide information about the falcons, raptors and owls that are trained and kept in captivity there.

The rest of the day was quite rainy, so my camera stayed hidden away in my bag. We went to Granville Island for drinks and lunch, then went to The Cambie for happy hour and finally ended up back at the hotel for supper and more drinks.

I really really enjoyed visiting a new Canadian city. I love my country and really should spend more time discovering what it has to offer. While we were on Granville Island we were asked to take part in a short interview about what it means to be Canadian. I said that to me Canada is home, and it’s so true. I love traveling all over the world, but nothing beats the feeling of coming home to Canada.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.


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