Meditation Courses: My Journey So Far

It’s time for another lifestyle post update. I don’t think I have fully gone into detail about my meditation courses on my blog yet, so here I am writing a post for you all about my new courses, how I am doing and how I feel about it all.

A couple weeks ago I took the plunge and signed up for a four-week online meditation course called Mindspo. The teacher, Rochelle Fox, is the founder of Mindspo and is really inspiring and motivating. I now follow her on social media and she is a really positive person with such an amazing lease on life, which I admire so much.

Her course is four weeks long. Every week there is a new set of videos that is unlocked with new lessons and a new meditation. Rochelle doesn’t just teach you how to meditate, she teaches the benefit, why she does it and how it has changed and benefitted her life.

She teaches meditation as a way of life. Meditation should be as instinctive as brushing your teeth in the morning. It’s a way of keeping your mind clear and sharp.

I have really been enjoying the course so far and I would recommend everyone try meditating at least once in their life. It’s been a few days now that I haven’t mediated and I feel I need to do a session very soon. My mind feels so clear and I am immensely more concentrated and productive after I meditate.

There are two more weeks to go, so stay tuned for another meditation update in June !

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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