Making A Vision Board: Inspiration and Creativity

I’ve been dropping the ball left right and centre when it comes to this blog lately. I’ve been lacking serious inspiration and probably a bit of motivation as well. It would be possible for me to mindlessly create posts about things I do not care about or haven’t put effort into, but I cannot do that. It would be pointless for myself and my blog as a whole. I would much rather not post for a while and take a step back to re-evaluate what my goals are for my blog in the future. I did just that by not posting for over a week.

Today I am showing you how I created my very own vision board filled with inspiration, goals and everything in between. It is, to me, very aesthetically pleasing; if I’m going to put anything up on my wall I want to like what I see.

I felt I needed to do this for two main reasons:

a) I’ve been thinking and wanting to make one for a while now

b) My lack of blogging motivation comes from what’s going on in my life and I felt this would help steer me in the right direction

Curious about what exactly I’m talking about, or wondering how you can make one for yourself ? Then keep on reading.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is somewhere you can put any kind of inspiration, mostly of the visual kind. You can put pictures of travel destinations, home decor, food, style, fitness, and much more. Pretty much whatever gets you going, whatever makes you happy, whatever you can look at and feel like it represents what you like and want from life.

What You’ll Need

– glue

– scissors

– old magazines, flyers, etc.

– bristol board

– imagination

What You’ll Do

Here comes the fun part! Now you get to cut out all the pictures, words, quotes, etc, that you find inspiring, motivating or simply make you happy.

I chose to cut out pictures that had pretty colours, foods that I enjoy, women that I admire, destinations I wish I could travel to or be at more often. Just a bunch of ideas, goals, wants to inspire and motivate.

What I Did

I created this board with some key sections and elements that I will outline below.

Travel, tropical paradise, sun, sand sea.

Fitness, flexibility, health, grace.

Romance, love, pampering.

Beauty, strong women, boldness, fashion, style.


That’s what I ended up creating for my vision board. Share with me in the comments if you have created a vision board or if you intend to do so.

I’d love to hear what you all feel motivated and inspired by.

Have a lovely day y’all!



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