An Afternoon in Madrid

Last month my amazing job brought me to Spain. I was able to spend a day in Madrid surrounded by some truly wonderful people.

Madrid is a beautiful place and I only had a few hours to spend there, so I took the metro to the centre of town and walked around. On the way we stopped for sangria and tapas, as one does in Spain of course. The day I was there it was 38 degrees Celsius, which is pretty darn hot. However, I enjoyed every second and I was mesmerized by the Spanish capital.

Before my wee trip to Madrid, I always overlooked this city and it never really was on my ‘must-see’ list, but now I would go back in a heartbeat and spend days upon days walking through the cobblestone streets and taking in all the culture, food and wine the city has to offer.


Our first stop was to get some sustenance in the form of sangria, beer and tapas (not shown but they were devoured quickly).

This metal gentleman’s behind is supposed to bring good luck to those who rub it. I did not, but I took a picture. That counts, right?

We walked to the Cathedral and the Palacio Real, both absolutely beautifully built pieces of architecture.


Sights that I visited but somehow did not capture:

  • El Mercado San Miguel
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Calle de Alcala

There are so many beautiful places I did not get the chance to see in Madrid. A trip to visit this city and the rest of Spain is definitely in the plans now.

Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend everyone!


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