FabFitFun : Fall 2017

I’m back with a new post and it’s about one of my all time favourite things to receive in the mail, and of course it’s the FabFitFun box!

If you are completely unfamiliar with this subscription service, then let me give you a quick rundown.

Mer-Sea Scarf

The name itself is cute AF, so it’s no surprise that the actual item is really nice. It’s big and incredibly soft. A perfect piece for the autumn months.

Trestique Lip Crayon

This might be my favourite item from this box. The packaging is perfect and it even has a magnetic lid. The product has one end with a balm and the other with a matte lip crayon. The colour is lovely, a perfect MLBB shade (my lips but better). I’ve kept it in my purse for ever since receiving the box and it’s been used almost daily.

Private Party Denim Gym Bag

A very adorable play on words quote on a very roomy gym bag. I like it and will put it to good use once I start working out outside of my living room.

Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil

Another packaging winner here ! The bottle is absolutely stunning and the product smells very good. I’ll have to try it out and update you all on the state of my cuticles.

Whish Renewing Mud Mask

I cannot possibly ever have too many face masks, so I welcomed this one with open arms. I used it once and I was pretty happy with it.

IMM Living Jewelry Holder 

A Canadian company has once again made its way into the FabFitFun box and I am very happy about it. This rose gold heart-shaped jewelry holder is very on-trend, simple, elegant, and very me. It’ll look stunning once I move into my new place in a couple months.

My Tagalongs Hot/Cold Pack

This dual-purpose pack is a really smart item to have handy for any discomfort that may arise. I’ll be packing it in my work bag to have on hand whenever and wherever I may need.

Jet Set Diaries Beanie

I have to be honest here, I’m not a huge beanie girl. I don’t find they suit me and I just think they look way too casual. I would have preferred receiving the pink one though, black is just not my colour.

Cottonelle Cloths 

These disposable cloths will be useful for traveling and will be going straight into my suitcase for future trips.

Molr Teeth Whitening Powder

This very trendy charcoal tooth cleaning powder is the new thing and I am very excited to try it out myself and see what all the hype is about.



This is the first time I tried the add-ons feature and put some extra goodies in my box. The Fall box was also helping UNICEF so I decided to add some extra donations by choosing to donate three backpacks, it was an option from the add-ons. I also picked out some flavoured sea salt, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s so very flavourful and I love using all the salts daily. Kopari is a brand I’ve been hearing heaps about lately and since the add-ons are discounted from regular retail prices I chose to try out their coconut oil. It hasn’t disappointed. It smells, you guessed it, just like coconuts, it applies to the skin nicely and sinks it almost instantly. I am trying my hardest not to use it up too quickly.

3 Backpacks Donated to UNICEF

Laguna Salt Co. 4 Pack

Kopari Coconut Body Oil


There you have it! My first post back at blogging with my new layout. I hope you all enjoyed and let me know what your favourite item from the Fall box is.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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