10 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch ASAP

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome back to my little slice of creativity. I’m sat here on my couch, sick with probably another bout of tonsillitis and I’ve decided to share with you all what I have been binge watching on Netflix lately.

Some of these shows are classics, some are newer, some have one season, some have several more.

  • Drop Dead Diva

A super girly show based on a model who comes back to life as a smart and successful lawyer. There are 6 seasons on Netflix and each episode is about 40 minutes long, which makes for a lot of quality couch time.

  • The Good Place

Kristen Bell is the best, she’s adorable, sassy and super cute. It tells the story of a woman who ends up in the heaven part of the afterlife, but soon discovers she doesn’t belong there. There is only one season on Netflix (at least in Canada), but I’m sure the second one will be added very soon.

  • Shameless (U.S.)

Emmy Rossum leads a crazy cast through a series of wacky events in the lives of a not-so-well-off family in the south side of Chicago. It’s super raunchy, super sexy, super gruesome, but oh so good. I’m currently only on the second season as I have committed to watching it with my roommate, but I look forward to every episode we watch.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Several people had been telling me how great and funny this show is, but somehow I kept putting off watching it. Then finally I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about and OH MY GAWD this show is amazing ! Andy Samberg is a goofy, yet incredibly alluring main character. The amazing cast, who are all so different, yet work incredibly well together make this show what it is.

  • The People Vs OJ Simpson

This 10-episode series shows the events that occurred during the infamous OJ Simpson murder trial of 1994-1995. It’s an interesting watch from someone who has heard a lot about this trial all her life but was too young during the actual trials to have watched originally. It shows a lot about racism, sexism and the juridical system.

  • Riverdale

If you were a fan of the Archie comics growing up you will ADORE this series. Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Archie and the rest of the gang come back to life in this dramatic version of the loveable comic book characters.

  • Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore gives me life in this crazily twisted, yet hilarious show. A normal suburban mom becomes enamoured with human flesh. It is absolutely hilarious ! Plus, Netflix just announced that season 2 is coming out in just over a month.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If you like hilarious and cute leads, you’ll love Ellie Kemper in this show. She plays a former mole person who tries her best to reestablish herself in the modern world.

  • The Good Wife

I am a huge fan of lawyer shows, getting to see over dramatized courtroom drama is very entertaining for me. Plus seeing ‘Mr Big’ on screen again is another great reason to watch the entire series.

  • Jane The Virgin

Sexy, funny, dramatic, cute, this show has it all. It has a super attractive cast and is wittily written to keep its audience interested. It’s an English telenovela, which makes the story lines a tad crazy at times,

Bonus Series :

  • Friends

I can’t not mention Friends. This show may be the best of all time. I’ve re-watched the entire series (all ten seasons) at least 5 times. Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Monica make this show so amazingly great. I cannot get enough.


There you have it, my top picks for what to watch on Netflix if you’re out of ideas.

Have a great week everyone.


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