The Best Way To Apply Foundation

I’ve discovered a new, easy and quick way to apply foundation, and it’s so gosh darn amazing that it deserves its own post.

This new discovery could not have come at a better time, because I’ve felt as though my makeup has been looking a bit drab lately. It was about time things spruced up a little.

I took advantage of the Sephora VIB sale (full post on what I picked up during the sale to come) to pick up the Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush and I could not be more delighted at the results.

Using regular makeup brushes has been my go-to application from the very beginning. I’ve even tried the beauty blender and other makeup sponges, but was never sold on them. To me they were simply gimmicks that weren’t worth the money or the hassle. I decided to risk it and see how the Sonic Foundation Brush would compare to my tried and true brushes for foundation application.

I’ve owned my Clarisonic brush for a few years now, but haven’t actually used it for cleansing in a very long while. I figured it was time I’d try to find a way to put it to use again and not feel as though I wasted my money. I didn’t read any reviews or do any extended research on this brush, nor did I even check if my Clarisonic still worked. I dived in, fully risking another money wasting situation.

However, my risk fully paid off and I have discovered the absolute best way to apply foundation. The way it makes my foundation look, the way it just glides on the skin so effortlessly and blends everything together so smoothly is simply amazing. It works not only with foundation, but with any liquid or cream product. Applying liquid highlighter with this brunch is another wonderful perk!

The best things about the Sonic brush:

  • Uses a significantly low amount of product
  • Works wonderfully with any cream or liquid product
  • Applies foundation, even the thickest and cakiest ones, as though airbrushed

The brush head costs $39 on Sephora Canada and is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. If you don’t have a Clarisonic and haven’t ever thought of owning one, perhaps the cost of the device and the brush would be a bit much, but if you you already have a Clarisonic, then go out and get yourself the BEST foundation applicator in the world. Plus, the bristles are super soft and synthetic, so no animals are being harmed for you to look flawless.

I cannot rave about this thing enough, look on YouTube and see for yourself how amazing the application is, you’ll thank me later.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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