Vacation in Bali, Two Weeks in Paradise

In case you weren’t aware, or forgot, I went on vacation to Bali, Indonesia for a couple weeks back in November. It was an absolute dream of a vacation and I would return to the beautiful island in a heartbeat.

Yes, it has been a few months since that trip, but better late than never.


Keep reading for my travel experience and some great tips and tricks to getting around the beautiful island.

When traveling to Bali you will have to connect somewhere in Asia to then be able to fly to Denpasar, Bali’s international airport. After such a long journey, it’s probably best to pick a hotel nearby for the first day or two. That way you can recuperate near the beach with some cocktails and start working on that tan.



Views from Seminyak and surrounding areas



The pool at our first homestay

This was our first stop on a two-week trip around Bali. Like mentioned above, it was a great first stop because its proximity to the airport allowed for a speedy arrival at our first hotel. The first night I crashed hard and slept straight through the night. The next day it was time to start exploring beautiful Bali.




Our first stop was a cute little cafe with lots of healthy food options. Smoothies, açai bowls, vegan choices and so much more. It was a delicious start to the day and the vacation.

We got roped into visiting a weird timeshare hotel/resort, but we got a free 7-night stay at the resort from it, so hey not a bad day. After that we went to the beach to watch the sunset.



Posing at the Uluwatu Temple in my ‘Kamben’

After a brief initial stay in Seminyak, we were headed to the southern tip of the island to Uluwatu. This is a much more nature-centric area, where most come to surf and beach hop. We stayed a little off the beaten path in our least fabulous of homesteads. We had a “room chicken” which scared the living s**t out of us walking back to our room one night  (it had decided to perch itself right outside our door and remain there immobile overnight, which resulted in a not-so-great wake-up at 4am).


Views from Uluwatu Temple


Walking around Uluwatu Temple


Sunset at the Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is the MUST see attraction of the area. It is set on a cliff overlooking the sea and every night they have traditional Balinese ceremonies at sunset. It is all extremely beautiful and worth every second. I actually wish I had spent more time in that temple. Part of the Balinese culture involves covering up when visiting temples. Thankfully the majority of places provided a ‘kamben’ (sarong), to cover up from the waist down.


A Beach we found on our scooter day in Uluwatu


Another Beach in Uluwatu

We also spent a day with a scooter riding around from beach to beach. Unfortunately that day resulted in me getting severe food poisoning and throwing up in the middle of a luxury resort. Other than that, it was fun.

The main attraction in Uluwatu is the temple. Other than that there are lots of beaches but they aren’t easy to get to as this part of the island is very cliff-y. It’s also difficult to do much exploring by foot, compared to Seminyak where everything was accessible by foot.



Views from the balcony at our first homestay in Ubud

This was my favourite place of the entire island. I absolutely loved being in the middle of the jungle, the yoga, the healthy food, the culture. It was all so perfect. Ubud is in the middle of the island, which makes it easy to take day trips to other beautiful parts of the island, and even neighbouring islands, such as Nusa Penida.


Views from our lunch spot in Ubud

Ubud is also very easily walkable. It’s nice to spend a day walking around, checking out the shops and stopping in a restaurant or coffee shop for some food.


Post-yoga relaxation



Exploring around Monkey Forest


There indeed were monkeys in the forest

We did many activities in Ubud, near and far and we loved every second. We went for a couple yoga classes at the Yoga Barn, walked to the Monkey Forest and hired a driver to bring us to further locations.


Swinging at the Bali Swing


Pretending to be a bird in a nest


Another nest, another natural pose

One of the very touristy, and dare I say it Instagrammable, locations that we visited was the Bali Swing. It was a lot of fun to swing around and take epically beautiful photos, but we did pay a pretty penny for this extremely westernized tourist-trap. We did have a delicious lunch and transportation to and from Ubud included in the price of entry, so all in all not a bad day.

One of the men from our first homestay in Ubud was the driver for all of our adventures around Ubud. He was wonderful, patient and so informative. Plus we could do what we wanted, when we wanted, all day. No waiting around for groups or guides, just the two of us.


All smiles on the beaches of Nusa Penida


THE picture everyone takes on Nusa Penida Island


More views on Nusa Penida

One of the days was spent traveling to and from Nusa Penida, another island off the coast of Bali. We had a tour organized for the entire day. For a flat rate, we had a private driver pick us up at our homestay, drive us to the ferry, another driver pick us up on the other side, tour around the island, including lunch. The island is absolutely stunning and well worth the long day of traveling.


Living the life


Walking around the rice fields

My must-do activity was to visit and explore around some rice fields. Those are so typically Balinese to me and I could not wait to feast my eyes on the beauty of lush rice terraces. I got my wish when we visited not one but two rice terraces during our stay in Ubud, and they did not disappoint. We first stopped in at Teggalang Rice Terrace, took some photos in the rain and lost all the footage. Thankfully, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace are much bigger, and a thousand times more beautiful. There are a few different treks to do in these rice fields ranging from thirty minutes to over two hours. We got lost and ended up doing the longest one but had an absolute blast. We were the only tourists there that day, which made picture-taking a breeze. We also got caught in the rain at the end of our walk and got soaked to the bone.


More scenic views of Jatiluwih Rice Terrace


Posing in the rain, with the waves at sunset (Tanah Lot)


We waited a long time for this photo, and it was made using a mirror with the camera used. This isn’t how the actual temple looked like IRL.

It was lots of fun being able to see all the temples, spending as much time as we wanted at each location and moving on when we were done. The best possible way to be a tourist in my opinion. The temples we visited included Tirta Empul, where we took part in a traditional bath and cleansing ceremony; Ulan Danu Beratan, which was one of the furthest and perhaps weirdest temples featuring lots of giant childish statues; Goa Gajah, where we saw many spiders; Tanah Lot, on the coast which offered beautiful views and great photo opportunities; and Penataran Lempuyang, where we climbed lots and had epic views of the jungle around.


Our final stop on our two-week jaunt around Bali was Canggu. Another coastal town which allowed for plenty of beach time and lots of swimming. In Canggu we wanted to chill on the beach, indulge in the last bits of healthy food and get tattoos; and that is exactly what we did. We stayed steps from the beach and that was absolutely perfect.


Poolside chilling and photo-taking in Canggu



My beautiful flamingo tattoo (yes I was sunburnt)




I may post again about Bali and more specific travel information, so let me know what you all would like to know about traveling there.

And there we have it folks!! I finally took the time to finish this very long Bali vacation post. I have many more posts planned and will be coming up soon (I PROMISE). No more months of not posting, trips taken and then not documented on here.

Stay tuned for more L’Adele Vie content. Get ready for product reviews, brand collaborations, vacation stories, and life updates.

Thank you all for still being here and tagging along on this blog journey of mine.

Have a wonderful day!


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