What It’s Like Being a Laid-Off Flight Attendant

This year has been rough, well it started pretty great and then turned into the dumpster fire year that will forever be known as 2020. The year took a turn around mid-March when the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America really hard.  2020 has been far from a treat and the more the year progresses, the more things are changing.

When that was all happening, the first thing that stopped was travel, especially traveling overseas. Which meant that the airline industry suffered a massive financial hit and because of that many companies, including my own, made the difficult decision to lay off a large number of their employees. While that makes sense financially for the airlines, it really does suck for the employees who are left without a job for who knows how long.


In my case, I was officially laid off as of June 2020. We are now at the beginning of October, unempoyment benefits have run out and the job search is currently in full force. Having started with the airrline right out of university, my job experience really is limited to aviation. My degree was in modern languages. I studied French and German. It got me the job and a wonderful six years discovering the world and meeting the most incredible people. Unfortunately, my wonderful, amazing, fabulous life as a flight attendant came to a screeching halt. Trying to find new eployment, without much experience, with a  very general degree and in the midst of a pandemic, might be the hardest thing I have ever done.


Filling out job application after job application in the hopes of getting an interview, just to be disappointed when the interviewer never answers your follow up email a week later. It’s a crazy time and the constant hope and let-down of the job search is extremely stressful. Plus, the motivation isn’t there, I want to be in the skies, but that just isn’t possible. I’m most likely going through phases of grief about my lost career. I’ve been in denial for many months now, I’ve most definitely felt anger and sadness, but I’m not quite at the acceptance part of it all. I may not accept that this is my reality for a while, but I do need to find a job, keep moving forward and make the necessary efforts to make money so I can pay rent and afford groceries.

There are definitely some up sides to being laid-off. I’ve spent an abundant amount of time at home with my wonderful boyfriend (who unfortunately is also in the same predicament), I’ve cleaned every inch of the house several times, I’ve organized many areas of the house, I’ve sorted through my closet to thrift and donate some items and I’ve re-discovered my love of blogging. While staying at home has been difficult, discovering new things to do around the house and my city has been a lot of fun.


Stepping on an aircraft and flying to a wonderful and exotic destination, such as Winnipeg or Saskatoon, won’t be my reality for at least another year, probably a lot longer, and while that is heartbreaking and really hard to accept, I know that this coming year will push to my limits, expand my horizons and inspire me to create more than ever. I know things will be completely different, they already are, but different doesn’t have to mean bad, it means I have the liberty to do new things and that is very exciting.


The job search is still happening and once I find new employment my plan is to start my Youtube Channel. I’ve wanted to get that underway for many years and now is the time to do it ! As I am sitting here on Thanksgiving Monday (Canadian thanksgiving) I am so full of love and grateful for what I do have in my life.

Wishing you all a beautiful day and happy thanksgiving everyone!



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